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Newcomer Information

A welcome letter from the HOA board president:
  On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Second Gate Post Estates Homeowners Association, I’d like to welcome you to this portal into our neighborhood.  Gate Post Estates (GPE) is a collection of over 180 homes in the western edge of Fairfax County, Virginia.  This portion of the development (the Second Gate Post Estates) was opened in 1988 and quickly filled with residents seeking the charm of a secluded neighborhood, beautiful, spacious homes on generous lots, and an atmosphere conducive to rearing children.  Several of the original homeowners still live here, welcoming the new residents and encouraging their participation in our community.

  We’ve found that our neighborhood is a very special place, comprised of many special people that help make it a great place to live.  The neighbors organize many diverse activities, from gourmet clubs and wine tasting clubs to prayer groups and children play groups.  The Association sponsors events throughout the year to encourage new neighbors to meet the rest of the community, and for the children to see the rest of the neighborhood.  Annually we have a community picnic that rotates from section to section of the neighborhood, and other events keyed to the season, such as Easter Egg hunts, holiday home decorations contests and neighborhood Luminaria to usher in the Christmas and Winter season. 

  We’re quite proud of our neighborhood, and the citizens’ level of involvement.  Thank you for visiting us through the World Wide Web. We hope you enjoy our neighborhood, because we believe that Gate Post Estates is a great place to live.

Howard Borst
Second Gate Post Estates
Homeowners Association
Board of Directors

Community Services Guide:
Phone Numbers:  Emergency
Non-Emergency  911

Sully District, 4900 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly, VA 20151
(Near Westfields Blvd / Route 28 intersection)

Centreville Volunteer Fire Department, 6001 O'Day Drive, Centreville, VA
(corner of O'Day & Stone Road)

Fair Oaks Hospital
3600 Joseph Siewick Dr., Fairfax
Main Telephone: 703-391-3600
Emergency Room: 703-391-3644

SCHOOLS (Public Schools serving Gate Post Estates):
Bull Run Elementary School - Grades K-6
15301 Lee Highway
Centreville, VA 20121
Main Line: 703-227-1400
Attendance Line: 703-227-1495
Patti Brown, Principal

Ormond Stone Middle School - Grades 7-8
5500 Sully Park Drive
Centreville, VA 20120
Main Line: 703-631-5500
Attendance Line: 703-631-5555
Amielia Mitchell, Principal

Westfield High School - Grades 9-12
4700 Stonecroft Blvd.
Chantilly, VA 20151
Main Line: 703-488-6300
Attendance Line: 703-488-6316
Tim Thomas, Principal
Centreville Regional Library is located at the corner of St Germain Dr. & Machen Rd.
14200 St Germain Drive
Hours of Operation:
Mon -Thurs - 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Friday - 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday - 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday - 12:00N - 6:00PM

* Ellanor C. Lawrence Park on Rt. 28
* Bull Run Regional Park on Bull Run Post Office Rd.
* Manassas Battlefield National Park
* Cub Run Park. This runs along Cub Run stream which borders Gate Post Estates.  A bike/walk path is available for our use.

* Chantilly National Golf & Country Club - 703-830-8010 (pool)
* Bull Run Regional Park - 703-631-0550 - Pay per visit or season passes available.

* Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) - organized sports including baseball, softball, soccer, football, cheerleading, basketball, and lacrosse. Watch for signs posted along major routes in Centreville & Clifton indicating dates for registration.
SYA HOTLINE - 703-817-1717

* Trash pickup for Gate Post II is scheduled for TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS of each week. Trash should be placed outside by 6:00am.
* Recycling (glass, newspapers, metal cans, etc.) should be placed outside by 6:00am on FRIDAY morning of each week.
* Yard debris (grass clippings, branches, etc.) should be placed outside by 6:00am on WEDNESDAY morning of each week.
* Trash hauler is AAA Trash, 4619 West Ox Road, Fairfax; 703-818-8222

* Voter Registration & Electoral Board - 703-222-0776
* Voting Information-24 Hour Recorded Message - 703-324-4700

Listing of community officers and block captains:
Board of Directors:
PRESIDENT - Howard Borst 14803 Hickory Post 703.543.6391
VP INTERNAL - Jenny Bradshaw 6752 Jade Post Lane
VP EXTERNAL - Peter Rim 14816 Green Post Court 703.830.3052
SECRETARY - Karen Banick 14814 Hickory Post 703.830.5543
TREASURER - John Presper 6722 Jade Post 703.830.7507
Architectural Review Board:
CHAIRPERSON - Scott McConaghie 6727 Jade Post 703.266.8682
GPE Website:
Scott McConaghie 6727 Jade Post 703.266.8682
Block Captains:
1. Annemarie Calkins

15001-15007 Sacred;

6703-6707 Round

2. Sarah Barton

6701, 6703, 6707, 6712, 6714 White Post;

14950-54 Red Post

3. Michele Maravas 6700, 6702, 6704, 6706, 6708, 6710, 6615, 6617, 6621 White Post 703.631.0083
4. Don Halterman 6606, 6608-6611, 6613-14, 6616, 6618, 6620, 6622 White Post 703.631.0245
5. Dwight Williams 14800-01, 14803-06, 14808, 14810, 14812-14, 14816 Green Post 703.830.4837
6. Liz / Scott MacDonald 14800-04, 14806-08, 14810, 14812,14814, 14816-18 Hickory Post 703.222.8080
7. Mark Bedont 6701-6710, 6721-22, 6724, 6726 Jade Post 703.830.4482
8. Mary Obarowski 6727-28, 6730-32, 6734-36, 6738-42 Jade Post 703.222.7793
9. Dee Korch

6750-53, 6755-59 Gray Post;

6711, 6713, 6715, 6717, 6719 Jade Post

10. Cindy Julius 15054, 15056, 15062-70 Brown Post 703.830.5873
11. Susan Blair 6751-6760, 6762 Bronze Post 703.802.1249
12. Denise Stalnaker 6743-52 Jade Post, 6822 Blue Post 703.266.0201
Block Captains (Gate Post I):
Amber Reiley White Post Ct. / White Post (partial) 703.830.5909
Ruta Bailey Gold Post / White Post (partial) 703.830.0653
Newsletter Editor:
Penny Douskalis 6752 Gray Post 703.815.2245

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