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This page contains links to official community documents and archives for residents' use:

Annual Meeting Minutes:


Financial Report:

Gate Post Estates Official Covenants:
  Gate Post Estates HOA Incorporation
  Covenants (Rules) for Gate Post Estates homeowners (January 1987)
  Bylaws for Gate Post Estates homeowners (January 1987)
  Annual HOA home assessment delinquency policy

Gate Post Estates Architectural Review Board (ARB) Documents:
  Architectural & Maintenance Guidelines (January 2008)
  Architectural & Maintenance Guidelines Supplement (March 2010)
  ARB Approved Color Palette (March 2010)
  ARB Request for Modification or Addition Form (April 2011)

Common Interest Community Board Documents:
The Commonwealth of Virginia's Common Interest Community Board (CICB) recently issued new regulations requiring all HOAs to establish a written process for resolving association complaints from members and citizens regarding violations of common interest community law. The Board has adopted a complaint procedure in accordance with these new regulations. This procedure is available in the Big Tent files section, on the GPEII, website and included in the disclosure packet for new homeowners. As explained in the CICB's memorandum, some of the key areas expected to be the focus of complaints include: access to books and records, notice of meetings, open meeting requirements, methods of communication, and open forums. Please note that internal HOA issues such as violations of bylaws, declarations, or ARB guidelines are not the subject of these regulations and not within the scope of the new complaint procedure.

Links to related documents are included below:
  CICB Regulations (July 2012)
  CICB Memorandum (July 2012)
  GPE Complaint Procedures and Form (September 2012)

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